Thursday, March 24, 2011

wind & wolf

Tuesday night we went to Mason's pack meeting.  It was fun, at a park, and the wind was unbelieveable.  Karlee took this great picture of McKinzie.  I love it.  I told Kinz that if she ever gets online, say to find a friend ;) ;), this picture would be great.  It shows her great smile, her fun for life, yet she's still a little disguised.  Brian thinks she looks like she's hiding facial hair.  :0)

 These are the three boys that are in my den.  Ben, Mason and Eli.  The theme for the month was responsibilty.  The boys did a couple of relays being responsible.  Picking up clothes then putting them in the basket.  Then using bandages and bandaids.

 Then near the end of the meeting Mason recieved his Wolf patch and a gold arrow.  He was so excited these past few weeks, knowing how close he was to earn his Wolf.  Shortly before we left for the pack meeting he said that maybe he didn't want to recive his Wolf, I wouldn't be his Den Leader anymore.  I put his concerns to rest.  He'll stay with me until his birthday.  :)
Way to go Mason!  I love you!!!

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Spudknit said...

Goodness Alison, Texas must really agree with you. You look 20 years old.

P.S. Maybe dad can give McKinzie some tips for the on line stuff. :)