Sunday, March 27, 2011

recent fun

This past week has been crazy busy.  Monday we went out to eat for Brian's birthday.  Tuesday was pack meeting.  Wednesday while Bri and the girls were at church I did hair.  I almost never do hair in the evening, but this person likes her perm to process over night and since half the family was going to be gone I agreed. 

Thursday night was a Relief Society Meeting to celebrate the organization of RS.  We sat together in our birthday month.  I was able to get to know some new people.  We then needed to decorate a cake.  I think we did a pretty good job. 

Friday night we attended our Ward Chili Cook-off.  Mason, one of my pickiest kids found a chili he loved.  I was shocked.

Saturday morning we went to Carson's soccer game where he made a goal.  He was soo excited.  We all were.
After the game Carson changed his clothes in the car and we hurried to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear.  The guy running the party drove the parents crazy but all the kids had a great time. 

After Carson got his bear stuffed he was asked to give the bear a hug to see how it felt.  "Oh, it feels so good!!"  he shared with a smile.  It was great. :) 

The cupcakes were from Albertsons.  Don't they look yummy?!? The birthday girls only request was "red".
The kids rode the train and carousel before the fun was over.  A successful party for all.

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