Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian - I hope you have a great birthday!  On my 16th birthday, you were on your mission in England, since we are 5 years apart in age I didn't think my birthday would be all that important to you.  However, when I got home from school that day, I had a birthday card with a one pound note inside. (Yep, I still have it.)  I'm not sure if you know how important you made me feel because you remembered.  It is a day that I won't ever forget.  That was the first time that I understood how much you cared about me.  Aside from all your brotherly expression of love by way of teasing, taunting and picking on me. :0)  I hope we have been able to make this a very special day.  Happy Birthday big brother.

Love, Janae

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Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to Brian. We agree that you are a wonderful and inspirational man. We loved getting to know you and we love you. You are awesome.
John and Natalie