Saturday, March 19, 2011

spring break fun

This is the first year in many years that we stayed home for spring break.  Karlee told me that this was her favorite spring break ever...that shocked me.  With all the money we have spent on our trips and this is her favorite?!?  We could of saved thousands of dollars, especially last years spring break when Bailee had the accident, literally thousands!

I will admit it has been a great week.  Monday was Pi Day, so we had some yummy pie to start off the week.  (Some friends of ours started this last year on March 14th....pi=3.14.  Get it?

Tuesday Karlee and Bailee went painting for a friend from church to earn money for girls camp this year.  This was a surprise job.  It was great!  They also painted Thursday morning.  Tuesday afternoon we went to see Rango, kinda cute.  Then off to Main Event for Laser Tag.  All the kids had a blast.  They played a couple of games then Karlee helped the boys, mostly Carson, play some arcade games while Bailee and I visited and relaxed. 

 Wednesday I invited lots of friends to join us at a park in Azle.  The kids played for hours.  We were all tired and hot by the end. 

 Bailee needed to work on her research project this week.  We went to our local library branch and they didn't have one stitch of reference materials.  We were shocked.  We then went to our other regular library and found a little but not enough to complete her note cards.  She was beginning to panic.

Friday, while Karlee was at Six Flags with a friend, we went to the downtown library.  WOW!!! It is amazing!  We all loved it.  They all want to go back. 
 This rainbow is what greats you as you walk into the kids area.  So fun!

 Adam loved the little tables and chairs.

 Behind this there is a cabinet that had some dress up clothes...for boys!  Carson had put something on before I realized what he was doing.

Bailee has fallen in love...with the Fort Worth Central Library.  She found lots and lots of books on the French Revolution.  I think whenever she has a big assignment like this for school we will start here first.  Plus our parking was validated so it didn't cost a thing.  Plus we got lunch afterward.  The day kept getting better and better.  I picked up Subway for the boys and Bailee and I had Pei Wei, Bailee's first time.  Then Yogurtland!!!  Yum!

That about sums up our week.  I hope yours was a good one.  :0)

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Shon said...

That sounds so fun. Sometimes staying home is refreshing and nice. So glad you guys had a great week. We don't have spring break for a few weeks. Maybe it might feel like spring then (cross our fingers)!!!