Tuesday, February 1, 2011

no school

Last night, about 9:00, I checked online to see if any schools had reported if they were closing today.  A few had.  There were over 200 closing and delays already, mostly delays.  I was surprised there were so many.  I woke up this morning about 5 and refreshed the page and found 520 schools and city offices that were closed.  I found our district was closed so I went through the house turning off alarm clocks.  I went back to bed.  Just for fun I refreshed the page again at 10 and found 852 closings in the DFW area.  It ranged from ISD's, private schools, city offices, Dr's office and the list goes on and on.  I haven't seen anyone in the neighborhood moving about, although there are one set of tire tracks on our street.  

Last night I tried to keep Cali in the house knowing a storm would move in tonight, but she wouldn't have it.  So this morning she comes in about 7:30 covered in snow.  She kind of sparkles in this picture from the snow that melted. :)

 Our dog is such a girl...she won't go pee by herself.  Karlee is outside trying to convince her to go so they can come back in. 

It is 18 degrees out but feels like -1, so the weather report goes.  The wind gust are 42 mph.  It feels like Idaho to me.  Not a good feeling. 
 Bailee is such a nut.  The kids had hot chocolate with breakfast.  Bailee had an idea of a way to warm up her face, her glasses straw.  Does that even make since?  She said her ears got very warm.  lol

 The boys wanted to go out and play.  They didn't last long.  I followed them out to take a few pictures. 

Carson is hollering at one of the girls to open the door.  The button was frozen and we couldn't open it.  We have two more days of these temperatures.  Yikes!!  We might need to move further south. 

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Spudknit said...

We woke up to -31 degrees with the wind chill this morning. It was -21 without. We had school this morning. Every other district in the valley was out except Idaho Falls. Ready to come visit. :)