Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3

I love this feature on my iPhone.  When snow is predicted, it snows all across the top.  This is a rare sight in North Texas.  So rare that we are on our third day of no school. 
 On Monday we stayed home and the kids went outside a few times.  They didn't last long since the wind was so bad. 

I bought a bed skirt for Bailee's bed but never put it on because it takes two people.  Today was my chance.  Karlee saw the bag it came in and soon claimed it.  She made a yarn strap/rope and added some grommets and whala...a cute purse. 
We called a friend and got her recipe for cinnamon rolls.  Our favorite recipe so far.  YUM!!

On Wednesday our cable was out and we experienced two rolling blackouts.  Not so bad.  They both lasted about 20 minutes each.  The kids played outside more than the day before, read books, watched movies and we played a little Wii.  Bailee pulled out the sewing machine and did a little mending. 

I decided that I needed to make a run to the grocery store.  I only had a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk left.  The neighborhood roads were bad.  But the other roads were not so much.  Brian and I were talking and commented that in Idaho if we let this weather home bound us, we would be inside from October to March.  We didn't think the roads were a big deal, until you came across a native and they are driving 10 mph on a mostly dry road with some ice patches. 

I mentioned to Brian yesterday that we might go see a movie today.  He thought it was a bad idea, after all school was out for a reason.    Mason had a ortho appointment this morning and I decided if we could go out for an appointment, surely a movie is reasonable.  We were about 40 minutes into the movie and it stoped.  You guessed it...rolling blackouts.  I thought "no big deal".  Yesterday they only lasted 20 minutes.  About 45 minutes later I started to wonder.  At an hour we go get out vouchers and head to the car...discouraged.  I'm not concerned about using the tickets.  Brian and I go to the movies often.  I just don't know when the kids and I will be able to go...  Carson started to cry when we left, and Mason said, "I wanted to see the whole movie!"  Like any one of us wanted to see only part of it.  LOL

We are having the Sister Missionaries over for dinner tonight.  I'm going to invite a friend and her daughter, that hasn't been to church for a long time, to join us.  I'm not sure they will accept, but my fingers are crossed.

 I hope the kids are back in school tomorrow.  I think were expecting snow tonight...  :/

My friends came for dinner. :) We had 11 people around our table.  We had a full house and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. 

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