Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4 ~ no school

Can you believe it?!  Another day of no school.  But this day will be fun.  We have snow!!  Real snow.  I went outside before the kids were awake so I could get a few pictures without foot prints all over.  It's beautiful...and peaceful.

 It's has been 84 hours that we have been below freezing.  If we're lucky tomorrow afternoon we should make it to 34 degrees.  I'm surprised it took this long to form, but we now have ice on our pool.   
 Before breakfast, before 8, we all went out to play.  We were the only ones out and we were noisy.

 This is sad, but this is the first year everyone has boots.  No ski pants, but two pair of pants work very well.

Off they go to the park.  I think Stella had fun too. 
It's still snowing...

We're going to try the movie again today.  Wish us luck!

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