Saturday, February 12, 2011


 Thursday I noticed this fountain when I was dropping Karlee off at school.  It was still that cold.
 Friday is was in the 50s and we couldn't wait any longer.  I took the boys to the park.  Adam loved the gazebo...and the ducks.

Bailee went on a VC camp out on Friday night. Then today we went to Mason's basketball game and Carson starting saying his stomach hurt.  He was sick.  He didn't make it all the way to the restroom, but he was close.  Brian was grateful he didn't go to the boys bathroom.  Then he would of had to clean it up instead of me.  :/  With Carson sick that really lighten up the rest of our day.  He had a game and 1 then a bday party at 2:30.  He was very upset he couldn't go to the party.  It was a Chuck E. Cheese. 

Since our day was free, Brian helped Mason work on this project for cub scouts.  He did a great job and was very excited to finish it. 

Tonight we were all going to go see the Harlem Wizards.  Now Brian will be going with Mason and Karlee ( Bailee has a babysitting job).  I'll admit I'm disappointed I won't be going, but I know Carson would prefer me to snuggle with him since he's sick.  Also, I think I can get Carson to the bathroom faster than Brian. ;)  Mason had an assembly at school yesterday to see the Wizards in action.  He's extremely excited.  I'm going to send the camera with Brian.  Maybe he'll get some good shots.  My fingers are crossed.

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nikko said...

That fountain looks so cool! So sorry about Carson and missing your fun stuff tonight. Hopefully you can have an enjoyable evening anyway. :)