Saturday, February 26, 2011

full day

This time of year Saturdays are very busy, today was busier than most.  Our first basketball game started at 9am.  Mason's was right after in another town so we drove in two cars.  After the game we had a team party at CiCi's.  The kids love eating there, me...not so much. 

Patty Cake
 Shortly after the game I took these three over to the elementary school for a carnival. 

While at the carnival Brian worked on this quilt.  A young man from church is working on his Eagle Project and Brian offered to tie a quilt.  Brian really did do most of it.  Karlee sat down and helped near the end.  I helped tack and roll.  Does that count? ;) 

All the boys received haircuts tonight. 
It's almost bedtime for the boys.  Yay!!
We still need to walk the dog.  A need not a want.
I'm hoping to sit down and catch up on our DVR.  Our favs...Grey's Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory.
It's been a good day.

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Shon said...

I love this picture. Karlee looks so much older and it is just sweet to see these two working together. What a good bonding time. You guys sound good.