Thursday, February 10, 2011

den leader

Have I mentioned...that I was recently called to be the Wolf Den Leader?  that I know nothing about scouting?  that I never had a desire to learn about scouting?  It's all true.

I've now had a few Den Meetings and you know what?  It's kinda fun.   I have three boys.  Mason, his non-member friend from school, and another boy from church.  They are all good boys.  I think I might like it.  Shh...don't tell anyone.

I went to the Scout Shop for my shirt and patches.  Ouch!!  They're expensive, not to mention the hours of painfully hand stitching the patches to my overpriced shirt.  Oh well, I'll have that shirt forever. 

Mason has been asking for a scout hat ever since he became a cub scout.  Today, I gave in.  This one looks so much cooler than the traditional cub scout hat. After I had checked out, I noticed they had a cookie cutout!!  Now I'm set.  I can't wait to make some sugar cookies for all the boys in our Den. 


Kathy said...

ha ha that is great! Your amazing!

Spudknit said...

I have some patches that still need to go on Steel's shirt. Do you hire out?

Lana said...

fun! I would love to be a den leader,ours all men.
I do love my calling though so I am not complaining, but how fun for you!