Friday, February 18, 2011

fun nights

Thursday night we attended New Beginnings with Bailee and Karlee.  They had a cute baking theme and received aprons.  Love it!  These are all our young women with a few 11 year olds that will be joining them in the next few months.  They are a great bunch of girls.

When we went out to dinner Monday night, at Chili's, there was a "balloon lady" there.  Brian and I have been there on other nights without our kids and I wished they could be with us to get a cool balloon.  Well, Monday was the night.  Carson was soo excited when she told him she could make him a pirate hat and sword.  Mason also got a sword.  Karlee an adorable penguin, Kinz a turtle, and Bailee got a flower bracelet.  It was a fun surprise. 

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