Saturday, June 27, 2009


What an emotional mess this has been for me. We talked to neighbors, they both agreed to help, but no definite amount of money was discussed. I got an estimate, talked to neighbors again. We didn't want to wait anymore. We scheduled a date to install. The neighbor behind us only wanted to pay his half of the repair, understandable. We wanted a new fence, most of ours was down if not damaged. Since we would be lucky to get $200 from him, I decided to turn the fence. Since we were paying the majority, I wanted the pickets facing us instead of the metal posts. Brian felt is was honest to be up front and tell our neighbor our plans. Boy, what a can of worms that opened up. Our neighbor insisted that is would be against our HOA covenants if both parties didn't agree to turning the fence. Now I was in a panic trying to locate the covenants. I couldn't find ours. Brian found them online and the page we needed, page 18, wasn't there. I called many neighbors and to no avail they couldn't locate theirs either. I had to make a decision by morning. I was a mess most of Thursday. I know the power HOA's can have; fines, liens on your house.... I didn't want any of that, who would?

Finally, I got hold of a neighbor the next morning that could answer most of my questions. There was nothing to stipulate the way a fence faces, except having pickets to the curb. Also, we have a POA, not a HOA. Not near the power, news to me. (I know this is long, guess how I felt in the middle of it?!) Friday morning I went to talk to our neighbor, nothing had changed. I still didn't know what I was going to tell the crew when they showed up. I didn't want a neighbor to hate me over a fence. I've never liked him very much, but I didn't want him to not like me. A few minutes after the crew got here, my neighbor came by and told me to go ahead and turn the fence. YEA!!! With us paying for most of it, maybe all who knows if I'll ever receive his money, and we plan on staying here, they think they will be moving in 2-5 years, he decided not to fight us on the fence. He also called the POA and found out that nothing would happen if I chose to turn it without his agreement. Anyway, we have a new fence that is beautiful!!! I love it!! I am soo glad he changed his mind, I still don't know what I would of told the crew. I love having the pickets facing us.

Yea!! I won!! OK, I got lucky and didn't have to make a tough decision.

This is our new path, new fence and new flower beds. The day lilies are looking great!
On a side note, last year Brian and I debated about putting in new stainless steel appliances in our newly remodeled kitchen. The dishwasher is really showing it's age. I told Brian if we do one, then all of them will need to be replaced. We decided to wait, so we put the money in savings. I am glad we didn't spend it. They say things come in threes. We have installed a new A/C, now a new fence, and our small garage door needs many new parts if not totally replaced. We didn't fix the door, just unplugged the opener so we don't use it and make it worse. Does that count as three even though we didn't invest money into it? I hope so. I'm counting that as three. Hopefully we are done for the year, or longer would good with me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Brian and I have been talking about putting a tree in our front yard for awhile now. Today we finally did. Well, Brian did. He did most of the work, the digging. We bought a pick just in case. Brian only hit a few rocks, no need for the pick. Since tomorrow is Father's Day, I decided that it's Dad's tree. So I had him pose with "his" tree. Mighty tall tree already. I think we will do one more in the front yard. Not sure what, maybe a peach tree. YUM!!

Thursday Carson started complaining about his ear hurting, no other symptom's. We guessed swimmers ear. I took him in and sure enough it is. We got some meds and now he can't swim for a few days to help his ear dry out. So I let him get in the sprinkler this afternoon. I don't think he has ever played in the sprinkler. He had fun, but it's not the same as a pool. I know he'll be back in the pool on Monday.

girls camp

Bailee got home this afternoon from girls camp. She has talked not stop about...everything. She'll start telling a story that then reminds her of something else and starts telling us about that, without finishing her first story. When she first got home I was in the middle of a conversation and asked her to wait. She just about burst trying to hold it in, no kidding.

Anyway, girls camp was a huge success. This was her second year. I think her favorite was riding Speckles.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


OK, so I'm not alone, but close. After the reunion, both Karlee and Mason went to Idaho to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. On Wednesday I dropped off Bailee for girls camp. Brian has been in Chicago. And McKinzie is around only in the mornings, when I'm gone running errands. So it really has been just Carson and myself. Very quiet, when Carson is sleeping, and weird. It was strange going to bed last night with only Carson and myself here, Kinze stayed with a friend. The craziness will return soon, so I better enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reunion Fun

In between all the activities, the kids probably had the most fun playing with each other.

This is Spencer's piano and Carson feel in love with it. Carson wanted to play it for everyone.

Most meals the kids wanted to eat outside. Breakfast was usually too cold but they would still go out and give it a try.

The DS was a huge hit. They were able to play with each other with most games. There was a couple of times that Mason had a hard time sharing his game, but it didn't usually last very long.

We spent many hours around this table. Not eating for all of it. There were many games played here. Mostly progressive rummy or hand & foot.

Grandma brought this dinosaur game. The boys enjoyed this the most.

We all had a great time together. Thank you, thank you Shuldberg family. Great memories were made.

Reunion Day 3

Gold Mine Tour

We were able to have a tour of a working mine. Gold and ore are the main minerals that are extracted. Everyone had to wear hard hats.

In these veins, mostly grey areas, you can see some sparkle. That is the gold!

He told us that in a ton of rock the average amount that is extracted is 3 ozs of gold and 40 ozs of ore.

The vein here has the most gold but they weren't in any hurry to extract it. The owner of this mine actually owned 189 mines. I guess there is more profit somewhere else.

This is suppose to be a "lucky bucket". The first time I passed without making a wish. Our tour guide told us that it has been known for fertility. So of course I passed by looking the other way.
Brian told me to stop and make a wish. So I did. The thing that came to my mind first was our health. Our family is very healthy and I am grateful for that every day. My parents on the other had are not doing so well. So I guess I wished for them. I worry about my Mom the most. I do so wish that their health would improve.

This vein here looks like it has turquoise in it, but it is actually copper.

After our tour these little creatures greeted us. We were able to watch their cheeks grow as the kids fed them seeds.

Quick reflexes!

Reunion Day 2

Hike to Rainbow Lake
This is all of the grand kids. The two kids on McKinzie's left are extras, though they do blend in very well.
Lots of mud and water.

The trail was labeled "stroller friendly". The two pictures above prove that it's not.

This is Rainbow Lake. The hike was challenging enough for the 5-10 year olds, but easy enough for us to carry kids when needed.

Stopping to have snacks and enjoying the sunny day!
There was this tee pee near the lake. The kids loved it, as they played tag and ran around.

Such beautiful trees!

Reunion Day 1

Us Texans were hopeful that the snow would stick. But of course the ground was too warm. It was beautiful watching it fall.
That afternoon we went and watched a demonstration of glassblowing. The liquid glass, I think that is what he called it, is almost at 2000 degrees. HOT!!
John, the artist, had Chase and Justin help.

They made a beautiful glass. I asked him what he would charge for that and he said $35. A little pricey for one.

Hanging out waiting for the next activity. Just so you know, Mason is the only one that got up there for the picture. The rest of the were already seated. Such a cute family!
We went bowling. The bowling pictures didn't turn out very well with it being so dark. Although, I had to show the one of Mason getting a strike! Yes, he did have bumpers. But I don't think the ball hit them.

Shuldberg Family Reunion

Travel & Arrival

On our drive to Frisco, Colorado, we were able to drive through one of the many places we have lived ... Woodland Park. This town is our second longest place we have lived. We love living in Texas, but we don't live here for the beauty. I forget how breathtaking mountains are. This is the view outside of the salon I owned. Every direction you looked there were mountains and trees.

We arrived at Copper Mountain on a cloudy/dreary afternoon, which did not dampen our excitement. These next few pictures were taken on a different day.

This house/lodge has 6000 sq feet! Sleeps 22+ people comfortably. Seven bedrooms, nine baths, two laundry rooms, three dishwashers, three mini fridges, one large fridge, and a chipmunk, no joke! Could it get much better than that? Oh, did I mention it was on a ski slope? Can you imagine skiing out of your home onto the slopes? I tried while I was there. It was amazing!!

The picture above and below is the view from mine and Brian's bedroom. Can you feel the relaxing set in?

This house had every possible upgrade.

This room is where most of the kids slept. It had two bunk beds with a trundle bed. One set was queen and the other was a twin.