Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As the years go by we add new and memorable traditions, sometimes we drop some. We started taking a family picture on the Sunday before Christmas when Bailee was born, 1995. I decided to look back over the years and scan a few in to add to my post. I was surprised to find a few years that we didn't get a picture taken, that made me sad. Oh well, life continues to happen. 1995


2001 The beautiful brown haired little girl is Skyler. We were foster parents while we lived in California. She is 9 months younger than Karlee and the sweetest little girl. She was adopted along with her little brother, which thrilled us that they would be together.


2008 I had to add last years picture. I was surprised I didn't already have it posted.

I'll have to find the rest of them and try and add them next year. We are so very blessed to have five healthy, beautiful children...and one perfect grandson.
This next set of pictures we started last year. Family home evening downtown to watch a movie and have dinner. And of course enjoy the Christmas lights.

This year it didn't turn out as well as last year, but still fun. We went to see Princess and the Frog, which was very cute. The kids loved it and Adam slept through the entire movie! McKinzie couldn't join us until dinner, because of her amazing job. (The downside to being an adult.) We ate at Razzoo's, YUM!! The best ribs in town, promise. We strolled around a little. I think mostly for me, I love Christmas lights. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and read books. McKinzie went home as we went inside the store. She is a tired mom and a good mom. She wanted to get Adam home and ready for bed. I try to keep myself alert to new and fun traditions. Family memories helps keep us close and wanting to spend time together as a family. I love my family!!
Christmas is almost here. Wahoo!! Merry Christmas everyone!!


The Texas Bakers said...

Thanks for sharing your family traditions. It's fun to see how the kids have grown and changed, and how you two look just the same, just maybe different hairstyles!

txmommy said...

I love down town and miss it. How fun to see your family though the years!

Jay said...

It's fun to see how your little family has grown and changed over the years. What great traditions!

Selita & Craig said...

Oh, thanks for sharing that...that was really cool. I think our only real tradition is that we get together and build a gingerbread house every year - we too have skipped a few years but I decided that THIS YEAR we are NOT skipping it :)

Natalie said...

Love the pictures and Christmas traditions. You look great.
Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas.