Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We enjoyed a yummy dinner that was prepared by all. After dinner was all cleaned up and after a little relaxing ...

we sang carols and read the story of Jesus birth.

Finally we made it to opening a present for everyone. Carson had been looking forward to this since last night. At first he thought he could open a gift after breakfast. Once he found out that is was after dinner, he was ready right after dinner and still had to wait.

McKinzie received a photo box and lounge pants from Aunt Holly.

Bailee received perfume and lotion from McKinzie.
Karlee opened up a necklace she received from Britt, a friend that recently moved to Illinois.
Mason got a robot from Grandma Shuldberg.

And Carson got a new cape and sword from Tyler, his cousin. I don't know if tomorrow's gifts can beat this one.
I had my camera ready and said Adam's name and this is what he did. I don't know if his smile could get any bigger.
The kids are in bed. Brian and I walked the dog, even in this cold weather. Now it's time for Santa.
Whew!! I'm tired!


Selita & Craig said...

That picture of Adam must have been the best gift at all....he is such a sweetie pie.....sounds like your Christmas was lets all have an even more wonderful 2010

The Texas Bakers said...

I love that picture of Adam!! Glad to hear your mom is improving day by day.