Friday, December 25, 2009

Our day...

didn't start until 6:30 AM! That's a record for us. Usually the girls are up around 5 and we tell them to go back to bed until 6.
Carson got his Diego rescue pack from Santa, and Mason got 3 DS games, car charger and a carrying case.

Adam wasn't even bothered with the noise. All the kids eagerly opened up Adam's gifts for him.

Karlee received her very own hymn book with her name embossed on it. She was thrilled!

Carson gave Kinzie these pants. If lounge pants make Kinzie this happy, then her life will be great! She also received a pan set and cooking utensils from Santa. So practical but extremely necessary.

Bailee was so excited to get wool socks. It's easy to tell what makes her happy. She is going on a camp out next week with her venturing crew, through BSA. Santa brought her a compressed mummy sleeping bag, she was trilled!
One of my favorite gifts is the blue book next to Brian's arm. Brian put my blog in print!! I love it! I found this website months ago and put my two SIL's blogs in a book for Christmas. I have dropped hints many, many times, Brian came through. I've been flipping through it all morning. Bailee was even looking through it. When I first started blogging, I would get a little sad that I didn't have many comments. Now, I'm fine. I now do this blog for us, for memories. I've had many family members give me a hard time that I post a lot. They are right. I don't want to forget the fun we have. Most days are fun, with struggles in the middle. But I want to remember only the fun!
My SIL gave me this snow buddies tower. In 2004 I bought an ornament with snow buddies and there were only 6 of us then. Seven is a big number to find things like this. Thanks Holly!! I love it!!
I must be the coolest wife ever! Look what Brian got for Christmas!! He told me I couldn't say that because the truck is for both of us...sure it is. He is right, we did agree to buy this together. I wanted to put a big red bow on the top and take his picture with the truck. He has to keep reminding me it's not a Christmas gift, just something crazy we bought on Christmas Eve. OK, I'll try and remember it that way.
Bailee is all decked out. New shirt from Grandma, new necklace and bracelets from Kelsey (I think they went shopping together). And new boots to complete the look.

Carson received this cool set of knights with a fort that uses a shield for the lid to carry it and then there is a sword to use with the shield. Does that make sense? Many ways to play. The cape he is wearing came with a different knight set. Everybody know what he likes!
We got the family Band Hero for Christmas. It is hilarious! Bailee is very good with the guitar. Karlee is great at singing and the drums. Brian is getting better. It is so funny to watch him try to keep beat. He is getting better. The only reason I can laugh is because I'm worse. It it much harder than it looks. McKinzie was having a hard time also. Mason could play the bass, and did very well. It is soo fun! I recorded one of Brian...maybe I'll post it later so everyone can have a good laugh.
Look how hard they are concentrating. Now we can relax and play, then more relaxing. Enjoy the day with your family everyone!!


txmommy said...

I printed the first year of my blog into a book and I love it! Where did you get it done?

lookslike a great Christmas!

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

We got it through
The only part that bothers me is the details about the picture is not always with the picture. Only downside...still worth it!

Selita & Craig said...

YOU MUST post the video - judging from the look of concentration it will be hilarious. We bought rock band a while back and Im not too bad at the drums.....but the college boy is the good one!

I have a good life said...

Sounds like sooooooooooooo much fun! I agree that the blogging is for our own selves. I love the combination of the events with pictures right there. I can't wait to see your blog book! :)

Love ya. Miss ya.

When do you come home?

AngeeBee said...

LOVE IT! I think 6:30am is EARLY! My kids would have loved your house! (In all reality our children didn't wake up until about 7am - and then they got us up about 45 minutes later - they couldn't wait any longer!)

We'll have to come over and catch one of the Shuldberg 'gigs'!

Rachel said...

that's awesome that Brian printed your book for you! That's so special.