Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Adam's mommy went back to work today. She didn't want to even though he's already 7 weeks old. Then again I don't know of a Mom that is ready to go back to work. I remember McKinzie only being 4 weeks old when I went back to work. She's soo spoiled!! This little boy is asleep in his swing, yet his arms are up. Silly boy!!


Rachel said...

going back to work WAS (and in my opinion still is) the hardest part... I hope it went well for her.

On another note... I love how he is sleeping... that's precious

Selita & Craig said...

OH he is just BEGGING for someone to pick him up! How did you resist? I look forward to grandma days though mine are still aways off.

Cindy said...

I forget how blessed we are here in Canada...we get 1 year off (mind you it depends on your employer if you get paid your salary or just employment insurance from the government which is not a huge amount of money). But it does give the option of staying home for up to a year.

My heart goes out to McKinzie. I hope both she and the baby adjust well to this change.