Tuesday, May 31, 2011

our first swim

Yes, we've been in the pool already this year.  But this is the first time for the entire family.  We had a fun Monday.  Swimming, grilling, we even had smores. 

Our pets even joined in for the fun.  Stella ran and ran around the pool so much that her nails started to bleed.  Today she is limping and favoring her front right paw.  Poor girl.  I didn't take her on my walk/run this morning either.  She probably thinks she's being punished.

Then, when I was putting pool toys away and the pool was calm I heard a plop.  Oscar some how fell in.  He was sitting next to the pool and I think Stella pounced on him.  Poor thing.  With having three cats hang out by the pool, he's the first to swim.  :) 

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