Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Tuesday afternoon was Kindergarten Roundup.  This is obviously not the first one for me.  About 6 weeks ago I took Carson into the Dr. to get his immunations up to date.  In the morning I gathered up all the paperwork to sign him up for school.  We were both excited for this next step.  We get to the school a few minutes early, I'm third in line mind you, and we wait.  It's my turn to talk to the nurse to verify his shots.  To my surprise Carson needed another shot.  What?!?  Are you sure?  I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't move any further with the process.  She wouldn't even make copies so I could leave the orginals at home next time. 

I get out to the car and call our Dr. to talk to her nurse.  I explain my delimma and shock that it wasn't caught when I brought him in. I also tell the nurse that I don't want to pay another copay when I came in for school shots recently.  The nurse double checks to see about the copay, I don't need to pay (score!!).  She said we can come over now and get it taken care of.  I was pleased that there was still hope of him being signed up today.  When I told Carson he needed another shot he was not pleased.  But, before he agreed, he confirmed with me that this really would be his last shot as a five year old.  I told him yes.  So off we went.  He shed a few tears but really did great considering the situation.   Back to the school we went.  I now have a kindergartener.  Hooray!!  A little OCD??  Possibly.

You know, it's rather shocking that all five kids Kindergarten roundup experiences have been different.  Let me take that back, I don't remember Kindergarten Roundup with Kinz.  Sorry Kinzie.  I do know that I didn't get her birth certificate until I signed her up for school.  With the last two, I know I picked them up within weeks of their birth.

Bailee didn't have roundup.  When we moved to California she was old enough for school and there was only 6-8 weeks left of the year.  So we put her in school.  Sounds crazy I know. 

With Karlee roundup was at one elementary school for the entire district.  I was grateful to be early that day.  Teachers would talk to each child, away from parents, and ask them questions.  My guess is to see how ready they were for school.  The man talking to Karlee was surprised that her birthday was on the deadline and yet she knew all the answers.  She's still that way.  ;)

Mason's was the most normal and quickest.  Roundup was at the elementary school he would attend, the lines were small.  We needed to fill out a few forms, hand over some documents, and that was that.  Piece of cake.         

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