Sunday, May 8, 2011

busy busy

Saturday was another crazy day.  While Brian was on his way to play ball at church, he dropped off Bailee at a garage sale at 7 to earn money for girls camp.  She earned enough to finish paying her way.  Hooray!  I dropped off Karlee at the middle school to go to Hurricane Harbor with choir.  She came home sunburned.  Doesn't that mean you had fun?  ;) 

We needed to make a run to the Bishop's Storehouse for a family in our Ward.  Our kids love going and "shopping" for any family.  Then we went to a store in Grapevine called "The British Emporium".  (Check out the link.  The store was a lot of fun.)  It made Brian and I wish we were headed to England again.  We bought a number of food items that Brian remembered having during his mission.  Raspberry Trifle, Yorkshire Pudding, and Digestives to name a few.  This coming Friday we are having a Cultural Night at church and Brian was asked to present and have a food item to share from England.  We bought some Marmite to's interesting.

Some how there was time in the afternoon to swim.  The water temp was about 74.  Still too cold for me.  I loved sitting by the pool, soaking up the sun, watching my boys play basketball in the pool.  I think they loved it too.

Then about 5ish we headed over to the baseball field for Mason's first game. 

Brian and Mason played catch for a bit.  Mason has been having practice twice a week.  Brian has been able to go on Thursdays.  They both have really enjoyed it. 
He hit the ball all four times up to bat.  I was sooo glad. 
Look close in this picture.  Mason is smiling as he ran across home plate.  :)
Mason is loving baseball.  We play catch at least once a week, sometimes twice.  He said the game was so fun that he wanted it to last longer.  It was 95 degrees out and he wasn't even bothered.  That's how much he was loving it. 
Carson was bored.  He collected rocks...
We didn't have a date last week since I was in San Antonio.  Friday night didn't work either since Brian was traveling back from the Houston area.  So after the game, after 7, we finally had a date.  It was great, as always.  We went to a movie, Thor, then shared an appetizer and dessert.  We talked and talked, laughed, and shared some experiences of growing up.  We have a date every week.  People are amazed that it's that often.  We need it to stay connected with each other and to get refueled with all the demands of parenting.  It was a great day!   

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Shon and Holly Shuldberg said...

I love those days!! Even though they are busy, they are fun. Glad you got your date in.