Sunday, May 22, 2011

all about mason

Saturday Mason had another game.  The coach is great about moving the kids around to try all the positions.  Mason played first base and he did great.  The first batter hit the ball toward him and Mason casually went to pick it up as all us parents yell at him to touch his base.  He understood and ran to the base and the runner was out.  The second batter made it to first.  The third batter hit it towards Mason and he picked it up and beat the runner to first.  He got two of the three outs for that inning.  So cool!!

After the game we hurried home before his friends arrived for his birthday party.  We went to Laser Quest, a first for all of us.  It was lots of fun.
Just a few more days until his birthday.  Wahoo!!

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I have a good life said...

C loved it. loved it. loved it! I am glad that M had a good time. Happy Early Birthday, M!