Wednesday, May 25, 2011

events of the day

This morning was the 7th grade awards ceremony.  Karlee received 6 awards but two are big ones.  She received a plaque for high "A" honor roll.  Plus she received Duke University Talent Search State Recognition.   This recognition is a ceremony at TCU in a week.  Way to go Karlee!! 
Then this afternoon Mason's grade had their field day at the high school.  Carson ended up going to a friends house.  I was hoping Adam's dad would be able to take him for the afternoon.  But schedules wouldn't work.  He tagged along with me and loved all the attention from the kids. 

Mason has always had lots of "girl" friends.  But this is new for him.

If you look close at Adam you can see how hot he is.  His face is super red.  Shortly after this we found a large bucket full of water and I let him splash in it.  It really helped his attitude.

Mrs. Clyne's class won the tug of war!!!  They were soo excited.

It ended up being rather hot.  I think about 92.  We all had fun but was grateful when it was over and we could find the AC again. ;)

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Humphrey Family said...

Allison, I love reading your blog! Your kids are amazingly smart and beautiful. We miss you guys!