Monday, December 20, 2010

preperations for friday

Thursday night at about 7:00 Bailee, Karlee and I started cooking.  What a crazy night it was.  My friend Katy had the cutest gift for one of our visiting teaching sisters.  It was these huge marshmallows dipped in chocolate and toppings.  What a great idea!!  So I stole it from her, with approval, and made gifts for friends.

 During the same time Bailee is making salsa from a recipe we got from my SIL Claudia.  She made it for us at a reunion and we all loved it.  Bailee needed to take a treat to school and most people were taking sweets.  So I suggested chips and salsa, PACE, she wanted homemade. 

 It all turned out great!  Everyone loved the salsa.  Brian said it needs more heat.  So I guess next time we will need to add jalapeno seeds. 

The marshmallows were soo cute and super easy too.  We made 11 gifts ranging from 3 to 5 marshmallows in each one.  The pictures really don't do it justice that these marshmallows are huge.  I found them at Walmart and they are called roasters.

At 10:00 that night I started baking these cookies for Mason's class party on Friday.  I didn't decorate until Friday morning, which worked out fine.  Just so you know, that frosting was supposed to be red.  I know it's kinda pink.  Still yummy!!

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Spudknit said...

And why don't you live closer to me?

I would be totally willing to pay for the ingredients. :D