Monday, December 20, 2010

parties on friday

Friday was full of parties.  First was Mason's class party.  Which was busy and loud, as one would expect 3rd graders to be.

Then about 2:30 Bailee had invited the venturing crew over for a movie and snacks.  I didn't think about getting a picture. :(

At 6 our ward party began.  First we visited with Santa.  Well, only Carson would sit on Santa's lap.

 We visited with friends, had great food, and dancing.

 Everyone had a great time.  I don't think Brian has ever danced this much.   

 Mason didn't dance at all.  Only chased around the gym.  But Carson was another story.  When the first slow song played he tried asking the only two girls his age.  They both giggled and ran away.  :(  He was very disappointed.  He finally asked some older girls and he was much happier when they would dance with him.  He would take his jacket off for many songs but when a "not rock and roll song" played he would put it back on and ask someone to dance.  It was very cute.

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nikko said...

A dance for a ward Christmas party? What a fun idea!