Thursday, May 10, 2012

busy week

This week as been super busy. It's Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week.  I've tried to do my part appreciating.

Monday I went in to cover recess duty for Mason's teacher.  It actually was fun.  The kids were eating and having a great time socializing.  Tuesday the PTA had Jason's Deli cater lunch and asked for parents to bring in home baked desserts.  I made pistachio pie.  I so wished there was some left at home to enjoy.  But there wasn't any so I liked the beaters and spatula and still wished I had more.

Wednesday I went in and covered lunch and recess duty for Carson's teacher.  These teachers really loved it.  They were able to go off campus for lunch.  Such a treat!  I then covered lunch duty again for Mason's teacher.  Mason's teacher ended up being sick and he had a sub.  If I had known that, I probably would of blown it off.  

Today the 4th grade class went to Casa Manana to see Annie Jr.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids all enjoyed it.  I've been to about 4 different productions here and I've always been impressed.

This is one of Mason's best friends, Ben.  (Mason took the pic.)  After the play we went to a park for lunch and free time.  The kids had a great time playing soccer and tag on the playground.

Tomorrow I have Adam.  I'm planning on taking him on a train.  :D

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nikko said...

The only thing I heard about Staff Appreciation was one email from K's room mom about three weeks ago, telling us maybe we might want to do something nice, but never gave concrete ideas/assignments/etc. I didn't do anything other than my usual helping out in P's class.

Looks like you were busy!!!