Wednesday, May 30, 2012

birthday boy

Life is too busy when it takes almost a week to update a birthday.  Unfortunately this might be the case for Mason's birthdays.  The end of May is always super crazy with end of school activities.

Mason has been asking for a Kindle Fire since January.  In fact he wanted one so bad he told me he wanted to sell his DSiXL so he could buy one.  At the end of April he was super serious about selling his DSi so I put is on Craigslist with a couple of games.  We actually had someone interested.  But it fell through.  Which was OK with me.  :)

Brian and I decided to give him one for his birthday.  He LOVES it!!  He also received an Amazon gift card, a VISA gift card, and two gift cards for an online game he plays with his friend.  He couldn't be any happier.  

Am I second guessing the Kindle?  No, I just need to get control.  He has downloaded maybe 18 games, free. Bought one spider man game and one book.  When I ask him to practice the piano or help in the kitchen he wants to get angry.  Then he remembers I can take the Kindle at any time.  So he quickly becomes obedient.  Oh the power I have.  ;-)

Friday Nathan came over for a sleepover for Mason's birthday.  We went to see Avengers!!  Loved it!! Loved everything about it.  We could go again.  Then the boys swam and ate poolside. :) 


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