Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mothers day

Sunday turned out to be a great day.  Brian gave me these tulips on Thursday and it has been wonderful to watch them open.  Normally he gives me roses.  I like the change.  :)

The kids gave me cards, some homemade some store bought. Karlee made me some black rose earrings out of bias tape.  They are beautiful!  I had already planned on wearing black and white so I was able to wear them right away.  While I was preparing lunch the boys were eager to help do whatever I asked them to do.  They are so sweet (when they want to be).

Carson prepared FHE with the help of Karlee.  He dressed up as Samuel the Lamanite and "stood on a wall" and prophesied. 

Brian and I went for a walk that evening.  I LOVED it!  We had a great chat about the day and the things we learned at church. 

I thought about Mom...  I'm trying really hard to not think about how much I miss her, but how great of a woman she was.  This will take some practice. :)

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