Thursday, May 24, 2012

field day

Carson's field day was Monday.  We ended up having great weather.  Not too hot either.  The kids moved around to 15 stations, but this water game was their favorite.

Jaxson, Ella, Brianna, Matthew, and Carson.  We had a super easy group of kids.  :)

Carson's class won the first tug of war against Mrs. Gerald.  Then they lost against Mrs. Carrol.

Mason's field day was this morning. I really lucked out having both AM field days. 

 The water game was also the 4th graders favorite.  :D

His class didn't win any of the relays, but they kicked butt on the tug of war.  After they won against the first class they gathered all around then turned and growled at the other classes.  It was great!!

They competed against three more teams and won! 

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