Wednesday, November 16, 2011

school play

Last night Karlee had the lead in her school play.  The play was called "Team Edward vs. Team Jacob".  Yep you guessed it.  It was all about vampires and werewolves.  Karlee was nervous all day.  But she did a great job!!  They all did a great job. 

 There was a little romance.  This is Edward hitting on Lydia.  Trying to get her to choose the life of a vampire.  She told him to take a hike.  :)
 Lots of humor.  Jacob is the one with the muscles.  :P
Then this poor teacher.  She has two bloody stumps because of fights at school between the vampires and werewolves.

Super entertaining!  Mason kept saying over and over again that he was so glad he could watch it.   Great job Karlee!!  We are excited for the next school production. 

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