Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 2 ~ Beijing ~ Olympic Village

Before our day was over we went over to the Olympic Village.  When I saw this through the van window I thought for sure we were close.  It looks like the Olympic torch!!


 It's actually a hotel designed to look like a dragon.  Do you see it?  Kinda cool!

I wasn't sure you would remember a previous post about how they arrange their tables and chairs.  In ancient times Chinese people believed that heaven is round and earth is square.  So all the restaurants were arranged like this. 
The Olympic Village is no different.  That's why the Bird Nest and the Water Cube are placed where they are, heaven is round and earth is square.

The Water Cube Aquatic Center is still being used.

The Bird Nest Stadium is not.  They don't even let anyone go inside.  She said there's no reason to give tours, there's only chairs inside.  But I want to see those chairs.  It's not just a stadium.  It's an Olympic stadium!  I think it would be cool to go inside.

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