Sunday, November 20, 2011

food ~ Beijing

In Beijing we had a variety of different kinds of food.  This was my most favorite.  It's pan fried noodles.  They have this huge slap/brick of dough that they slice off noodles.  It was cool to watch. 

When we arrived to this restaurant Lisa would not tell us what we were having.  We were game and tried it all.  Most of it was good.  There were a few dishes that we tried but didn't care for.  We guessed it was tofu and we were right.  All of it was tofu.  It was good.  Although I don't think I'll ever order tofu I now know I enjoyed it. 
This was the most strange looking dish.  Shrimp with heads still on. :/  It was difficult to eat, but I did.

By the end of our trip we all wanted American food.  One night we almost blew off what Lisa had planned for pizza.  But we stuck it out and had the full experience.  

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