Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 2 - Beijing ~ The Great Wall of China

Finally!! Another post about China.  I only have a few more days of China to blog about.  It has been a real challenge to finish. 

This is a very poor image.  The original looks worse.  I scanned it in trying to improve it.  Not so much.  This picture was taken before we climbed up the Great Wall.

I was surprised at how steep the climb was.  The steps were all different heights so you really couldn't get a rhythm down. 
The Great Wall is definitely my favorite part of China.  It's so magnificent.  It's hard to imagine that this was built during the 5th century BC and weaves throughout China for 3,700 miles.  I learned that over 300,000 people labored more than 30 years to accomplish this task. 

The view of these mountains are amazing!
In the picture above, Brenda and Dave are enjoying ice cream to cool off.  Jake, Josh, and myself were all ahead of them without money.  My bottled water was in Dave's pack!  Rather unfair, but we continued to the top without them.

The stairs to the tower was very narrow, and these are in good condition compared to most. 

Yea!!!  We did it! 
I have a funny story.  Just before this picture I came out of the tower and noticed these young Chinese girls having their picture taken with these two cute American boys.  So I thought I would too.  They took my picture with them. ;)  These two have had their picture taken a lot.  But that's not the funny part.  The night before I thought, "Why don't I get asked to get my picture taken.  I'm American too."  I know, pathetic.  Anyway, at the last tower I had this younger than me, shirtless, Chinese man ask to have a picture taken with me.  I smiled and said yes.  Inside I was thinking GROSS!!  :/ 

The climb down was soo much faster.  Brian decided not to walk to the top.  When I made it down I found him relaxing in the shade with a cold drink.  Lucky for me he shared.

All of it was breathtaking. :)

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