Sunday, November 20, 2011

play dead?

Saturday Brian and I got up early to meet my brother in Monroe, Louisiana.  We headed out the door at 6 am and Brian finds this in our garage.  A possum!!!  He wasn't afraid of us. He didn't run away.  He didn't play dead.  He looked like a giant rat!!  Bailee thinks he's cute.  We finally had to get on the road.  We told the kids to make sure and keep the door to the garage closed and we left the large garage door partially opened. 

We needed to take Todd's things to him from our parents home.  We only visited for about 10 minutes then all of us hit the road again.  He originally was going to drive to our house for the weekend but he didn't realize the drive was so long.  All of us were very disappointed when he changed his mind, especially my boys.  We returned back home 12 hours later.  Luckily we were able to take care of a few errands that we needed to do together. 

I had signed up to clean the church building months ago.  So at 6:30 Brian, Karlee, and myself headed over to clean.  Bailee had been home sick all day and the boys were at Cici's with a neighbor.  It was a long day.  Good but long. 

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