Thursday, November 17, 2011

committed or insane?

Between the day my Dad passed away, October 17, and the wedding reception here, November 12, I only ran three times.  Those weeks were so busy with travel and planning that there really wasn't an opportunity to run.  I have only 15 more day to train before the 5K.  I'm not sure I'll be ready.  I've been doing really good.  I think I'm running the distance, I still need to drive it.  I feel I've really lost stamina because I haven't made it happen regularly. 

Today as I'm getting ready to run, two shirts and a hoodie, ear warmers, gloves... Karlee called me committed.  The temperature outside was 35.  There have been other days, when it was in the 40s, I blew it off and didn't run.  I'm not sure I'm committed, perhaps more insane.  I do know that when you're insane you become committed.  So obviously they go hand in hand. ;)

I now understand the high from running.  I bought me a new pair of jeans the other day and I had to buy a size smaller! Running might be my new addition. :)


Jay said...

I laughed about insane leads to being committed! I'll call you committed. I'll call me impressed! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Good job! I remember how hard it was when I ran my first 10K (sorry to say it's been my last. We're cheering for you!! Love you