Tuesday, November 15, 2011

birthday catch up

McKinzie keeps giving me a hard time for not blogging.  She thinks I have nothing to do now the wedding is over.  Well...I'm still super busy. But I'm going to try and catch up before our trip to Oklahoma next week.  The hardest part is editing all the pictures before I blog.  Hundreds of pictures were taken on our trip.  Let alone still trying to edit pictures from our trip to China.  The Great Wall is next.  :) 

Geoff and Kinze gave Bailee these mustaches.  I think Mason wants to check and see if it's real. :)

She opened one present.  I think she likes it.
I told her to see if anything was in her new purse.


It's a 2001 Saturn.  She loves it!  This is just as much of a gift for me as it is for her.  This past week has been great now that she can get herself to school and church without me. In fact she has already helped out by picking up Karlee after school one day.

With Kinzie and Geoff getting married so close to her birthday, she actually thought her birthday would be forgotten.  I hope it was a great 16th birthday!  I love you Bailee!!

Bailee had to get her license as soon as possible.  We couldn't start the paperwork until she was 16.  So on her birthday I take her out of school to go and sit at the DPS for 2 1/2 hrs.

On the 2nd we go back to do the driving test.  She is super nervous.  We have an appointment at 4 but have to be there at 3:30.  Finally a little after 5 she takes her test and passes!!  She didn't get to drive by herself for another week because we left for Vegas that night.   It's all good!  She's free!!  Now she needs a job to pay for gas.  :/

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