Sunday, April 10, 2011

super heros

At our house we often try to figure out which super hero is the coolest.  It usually ends up a fight between Superman and Batman.  This past week Carson found a movie at the library about Batman.  As soon as we got home he put on the costume, for the first time, and watched Batman.  :)

During church today Bailee was reading the New Era and came across this... SUPER!  I quickly showed both boys.  Carson thought it was soo cool that Missionaries were Super Hero's.  After sacrament he wanted to ask our Missionaries in our Ward if they were Super Hero's.  He was very shy about it.  They both said Yes!!  Carson's smile was huge.  One Missionary even put his own name tag on Carson's suit coat and told Carson that he looked like a Super Hero. 

If Missionaries and Super Hero's are intertwined then I think it's a done deal.  ;)

When we got home from church Carson asked where Missionaries get their powers.  I told him that they read their scriptures everyday.  They pray everyday.  They have the Holy Ghost with them all day.  All of that gives them their powers.  He then had huge tears and started to cry.  Carson then said that he can't be a Super Hero because sometimes he forgets to pray.  :(  I told him that when he has a companion that he will never forget.  That missionaries study scriptures together and they pray together.  That he can and will be a Super Hero when he's a missionary. 


marcia@joyismygoal said...

that was so sweet I loved that story thanks for sharing it

Jay said...

He looks like such a cute Super Hero with a missionary tag. What a wonderful teaching moment!