Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 These eggs are already dyed!  Pretty cool.   These eggs come from Easter Chickens...  Yes, it's true.  Kinz brought some home from work that a coworker gave her.  Of course, I googled "Easter Chickens" to make sure she wasn't trying to pull a fast one over me.  ;)
Last year, I was going to make my Moms Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs, but...  Bailee had her surgery, then my Mom passed away.  It just wasn't a priority anymore.  A few days ago , I remembered that I bought the unflavored gelatin back then and that I already had the rest of the ingredients.  So I made these for FHE.
 My Mom made these when I was very young.  I remember the flour the most.  :)

 By the time I got all the marshmallows in their molds, the last few were blobs.  Next time, I'll need someone to help me spoon them out.

I'm not a big fan of the chocolate covered marshmallow treats I buy the kids for the holidays.  But these were YUMMY!!  I had to start encouraging my kids to eat them so I wouldn't finish them off.  :D

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Spudknit said...

Mmmm... I am so glad I can't reach through the monitor and grab like 40 of them. They look amazing. But you didn't make the piping blue and pink. Didn't mom do that? I'm trying to remember.