Tuesday, April 5, 2011


With all the flowers we've planted, and there have been lots, this is the first year it has become a family event. :)  I'm not sure why, but it was nice.  Usually it's Brian and myself while the boys gather the little plastic pots the plants come in.  Everyone tried their hands at digging, watering, and planting,  We only planted the verbenas tonight.  We still have dozens of petunias to plant.

 We also planted three trees.  Two on Saturday, it took us three hours because the soil was so hard and rocky.  Then last night we planted the third.  The wind kept blowing it over we had to get it in the ground.  I'm hoping the tree below, when it gets big, will help shade the front door. During the summer the handle gets so hot you don't want to touch it.  

These two trees will help provide shade in our back yard plus some privacy during the swim season.  I told Brian the trees are so cute I don't mind if they stay small. :)
btw ~ we're watching the Aggies in the championship game against Notre Dame.  There are 9 mins left and it's 56 - 55.  Aggies are ahead.  =D

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