Sunday, April 3, 2011

one year

I haven't been looking forward to this weekend very much.  I'm sure April General Conference will always remind me of my Mom's passing. 

I talked to my Dad this morning and he sounds good, like most days.  My sister, Waynette, and her family spent the weekend with him.  He misses his eternal companion, but is often optimistic.  He has knee replacement surgery coming up that he's not looking forward to.  I know he worries about who is going to take care of him as he recuperates.  It's always been my Mom.  

I miss my Mom terribly. Although,  I cherish the relationship that has come about  with my Dad. I have talked with my Dad more these past 15 months than I have the rest of my life combined.  I have always  known that through heartache comes great blessings.  My relationship with my Dad is proof.  I love you Dad!        

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