Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pool party

This was not a typical pool party.  Monday afternoon, Brian calls to tell me that we're having a baptism in our pool on Tuesday.  So cool!!!  One of my first thoughts  I need to provide refreshments.  Of all the baptisms I have attended, I don't remember refreshments.  I guess when it's in a home it feels like a must. 

Nick had a great turnout of friends.  At one point I counted 80 people, and they kept coming.  It really was standing room only, in a very warm house.  I didn't even think to turn the AC temp down earlier in the day.  :(

I wish I could have taken a picture of the ordinance.  It looked amazing with two men in white, standing in our pool with the amazing weather of the day.  (I believe the high for the day was 95.  The pool was 75. Perfect!)  I was able to grab a fast picture of a few people around the pool, after the ordinance. ;)

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