Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools

April 1st is just another day around here.  But this year I thought I would make something fun.  Not everyone appreciated the humor.  When I called the kids to dinner they asked what we were having.  I told them cake.  Carson thought that was cool and was jumping all the way to the table.  He sat down and wasn't so sure anymore.  Mason saw it and was in tears. (I want to explain that someone is in tears with almost every meal I make.)  They all started checking it out trying to figure out what it  It tasted pretty good and it was fun.  I kept telling them they needed to finish their cake so they could have pizza for dessert. 

My pizza didn't turn out quite right.  I bought a gel food color that claimed that it was a true wasn't.  Oh well, it was yummy to eat.  I hope you all had a fun April Fools Day!!

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