Sunday, September 27, 2009

shower fun

I told McKinzie I needed to update her profile. Her shirt was too loose so I asked her to hold her tummy. She can be quite accommodating at times. Do you think the delivery will be? Only time will tell. Three weeks left!
After her photo shoot we we're off to her shower. Her visiting teachers threw if for her. They were great. Thank you Holly and Christy!! We had lots of fun!

After eating and relaxing she jumped right into the gifts.

Tracy had just mentioned how funny it was that she always looks at the feet of the sleepers first. So when she opened this she was very excited to see puppies on the toes and a puppy face on the bottom of the sleeper. Baby clothes are adorable!!

Many friends got together to give her this gift. I know, I know... in a much earlier post I mentioned that I still had one in the attic. When we looked last weekend it wasn't there. I guess I gave it away. Luckily these amazing women came through for her.

Holly, McKinzie's visiting teacher, made this adorable diaper bag for her. I have recently learned that there is nothing that this woman can not do. I'm not exaggerating. I don't want to go through the list here and now, but it's true. If somebody knows a little dirt on her, even dust, I would love to hear it.

She also made these onesies. She did tell me that she made the Texas flag for me, I have a thing for Texas. Unfortunately they are a 6-9 month size, so I guess he can't wear it home from the hospital. I guess I'll let the mom choose what she want him to wear home.

I think she got lots and lots of great things. Now to find a place for it all at home.


Holly said...

You are much too kind. I'm glad that we could do this for her. And if she finds she likes the other diaper bag better just steal it from her and use it yourself =o)Cant wait for him to get here!

The Texas Bakers said...

What a great shower! I am so glad Kinzie is getting the things she needs for her new little one. I can't believe it could be any day now!

Robin said...

It was such a nice shower. It ws good to see you and visit for a while.