Sunday, September 27, 2009

friends are...

the BEST!! This girl in the middle, Becca, received 4 tickets to a Taylor Swift concert for her birthday. She invited Karlee and another friend to go with her. Too cool!!! These girls are 10 and 11 years old. Kinzie was way jealous!

Karlee said their seats were three rows from the top. Luckily when your young, your excited to go and not too upset where you sit.

For Karlee's birthday we gave her two Taylor Swift CD's. I wanted her to know the songs so she could sing along. Becca's dad said that Karlee knew all but two of the songs, I guessed it worked.
Karlee and Becca got matching T-shirts. Becca's other friend really wasn't into it. If it hadn't been so loud, I was told, her other friend would of fallen asleep. Oh well, concerts aren't for everyone. Thanks for taking Karlee Becca. You are a great friend!!

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