Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The calender tells us it is fall, and for the first time since we have lived here it feels like fall when it is supposed to. I love summer. The sun on my face and living in the pool. But fall is another favorite time for me. I love the changing leaves, which don't happen around here until November, the cooler nights and warm days. My favorite is being able to open windows and turn off the AC. I remember one year I was talking with my Mom, who lives in Idaho, and she was telling me that they tuned on their furnace for the first time. I had to laugh, because we had finally turned off our AC for the first time. It's been nice these last few days to open windows and wear long pants.

Another change happening around here is my little girl, Bailee, is growing up. Yesterday, as I was preparing dinner, she smiles and tells me that she was asked to the Homecoming Dance. At first I'm excited for her. Then Mom mode kicks in, she's only 13! I ask her what she told the boy. She told him that she needed to ask. I then gently explain to her that her answer for over the next 2+ years is, "I can't date until I'm 16". I told her that it doesn't matter if he is the nicest, cutest Jr. there is, you can't date until you are 16. So spread it around. I'm so not ready for another daughter to date. The other day McKinzie and I saw a T-shirt that had "DADD" on it. It stood for "Dads Against Daughters Dating". I almost bought it.

Changes can be easy or difficult. There is no guarantee. The only thing for sure is that change always happen.

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The Texas Bakers said...

I bet she was so excited just to be asked, though. It's so hard to wait. You totally should have bought that t-shirt. Makes me so glad we only have one girl1