Saturday, September 26, 2009

face lift

We told McKinzie some time ago that this room style would last her until she left for college. Basically, we don't plan on repainting until someone else takes over the room. Well that is about to happen. So we decided she needed a more adult like, relaxing room.

Brian cut out wood. Kinzie and I found fabric that matched the baby blanket and bumper pad that she plans on using. Now we have a new headboard and a more serene room. (Still looking for a duvet that matches the headboard.)

McKinzie thinks it looks like nursery. I guess that's what happens when there is a cradle and baby items everywhere.

My Dad made this cradle for me when Mason was born. Mason didn't use it very long. He was such a big baby, he would get his arms caught in the slats while he slept. So he moved to a crib at a very young age.

My Dad started woodworking when I was in high school. He made my cedar chest for me, one of the first things he made. All of the kids wanted some thing he made. When my youngest sister was having her first baby, she found a pattern to make this cradle. She gave it to our Dad. Now only the kids that had a baby after Avery, my niece, received a cradle. Thanks Aarin, that was a great idea! I believe only four of the ten of us have one. I guess there are many privileges to being the youngest in a family :o).


txmommy said...

the cradle is beautiful! Almost here grandma! does he have a name yet?

Robin said...

What a beautiful cradle. Kinzie is luckly to have you guys for parents.

MadreBug said...

The room looks much more calming now. That is a beautiful cradle. Your father is quite talented.

Natalie said...

I love the cradle. It is really beautiful. My Dad did woodwork too. I used to sit with him and talk while he worked in his shop. Brought back great memories.
Will baby be born using a midwife?
Kinzie is so lucky to have you for parents.

The Texas Bakers said...

That cradle is amazing. What an heirloom.