Friday, September 11, 2009


On Monday, with it being a holiday, we went bowling. It was very busy and lots of fun. We had the bumpers up for the kids and once they were up they wouldn't go down. Oh well, we all ended up using them. Not just the little ones.

Brian won, of course, although Bailee stayed close. Brian got a strike after I took this picture, I better study his form :O) On the first frame I got a strike, but by foot slid past the line and a buzzer went off and I didn't get credit. I've never had that happen. I'm sure if I got credit I would of won...yeah right.

We started taking come crazy pictures.

I finally got all of us in and I moved the camera too soon. Kinda cool shot. I'm sure I couldn't duplicate this picture if I tried.
It's been a busy week as always. Karlee is doing great with her new piano teacher. The first time we met he made the statement that he doesn't give out compliments freely....every lesson he has been impressed with her skills and tells her. He has challenged her in many ways. She will usually leave with 4 pieces that she needs to work on. Last week before we could get out the door, she had 10 pieces! The load of books in her arms was alarming for an 11 year old. This week she now has 11 pieces and she loves it! One piece is Bach. As I am reading my book I overhear him tell her not to be overwhelmed with it being 3 pages and having only 5 measures. What?!? That doesn't make any sense. I haven't head her practice yet, I can't wait.
Thursday night McKinzie and I went to the "Just Between Friends" consignment sale at the convention center. WOW!! I've never seen soo much stuff for babies in one place. She got onesies, sleepers, diapers, bottles, cute little jeans, diaper bag, jacket, and a few things for herself. I found some great things for Christmas. I can't share what I found with the chance that they might be checking in. I don't want to spoil the surprise. We were able to go during a presale since this is her first baby. They have another one in the spring. She will still qualify since her baby will be under 12 months. I guess we will mark our calenders. Only five weeks to go!

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