Friday, April 12, 2013

start and finish

It's a good thing I have pictures to prove we went to Italy and Greece.  Very quickly we were thrown back into day to day life and it's hard to believe we were ever there.  Four days went by before I had the time to download all my pictures.  Maybe another two weeks before I finally went through all my pictures, fairly quick I might add.  So maybe over the next few months I can share our adventures.
I thought it was funny that my first and last pictures on my SD card were in Germany.  :-)  
 I love to notice the differences in other countries.  In Frankfurt, employees ride bikes through the terminals.  Brian and I looked at each other and laughed.  So I got my camera ready to try and catch the next bike. 
 All 46 of us gathering to make sure everyone made it to the gate to Rome.  It was a thumbs up.

When we left Athens our layover was in Frankfurt again.  But this time snow.  Lots of snow.  We rode out to our plane and boarded from the tarmac.  I'm pulling my carry on bag, walking up the stairs to the door, trying to take pictures.  I'm sure the people behind me thought I was crazy.  But I got a couple good shots.  Our 11 hour flight gained a couple of hours as we waited in line to deice.  Not fun!!

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