Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rome ~ catacombs

We landed in Rome around 9am.  As soon as we were loaded on the bus we headed out to our first stop which was Catacombe di San Callisto.  There were over 500,000 tombs here at one time.  There are still tombs with bones today.  Although, the areas we were able to tour, the bones had all been removed. In years past tourists would take bones home as souvenirs.  Crazy!

 The exit for the catacombs was through this small building.  Before we went down they explained most of it with pictures.  The walkways were small and there was only a couple of areas we could gather to hear information.

I took this picture at the catacombs.  I like the way it turned out.

The picture below was taken from the bus.  I was amazed at all the graffiti in Italy and Greece.  At times Brian and I would be walking on our own and my extincts would tell me the area wasn't safe because of the graffiti.  But it was safe.  Just a very different environment then the States.

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