Friday, April 12, 2013

1st grade field trip

Wednesday was the first grade field trip to UNT.  It was the coldest, wettest day of the week.  Part of the field trip was outside.  We were afraid it would be cancelled.  UNT made some changes and it was still on. 

Carson is touching a fossil that used to live in the ocean.

Here we are outside. We do have a shelter to help but the wind was extreme and the rain would blow in.  By the time we were finished many of us had pink noses. 

The students took turns digging in the sand to find fossils.  They are looking for horse bones. Carson found a shoulder blade and an ankle bone.

They look so cute with their clipboards. :)

 This is a fulgurite.  It was made during a lightening storm in Denton.  (Like the movie Sweet Home Alabama.)  A live electrical wire came loose and as it touched the ground as lightening struck.  I believe it was 17 feet long.  It was very impressive.
 Carson is watching the light bulb to make sure he's pumping fast enough.  It was difficult for these little bodies to work long enough to make electricity.
Last their class had four stations to observe live animals.  They needed to draw a picture of the animal and write down only what they observed.  They had a leech, baby dragonfly, tadpole (a huge bullfrog), and a turtle.

Justin (Carson doesn't understand why he always looks so sad.  Smiling would help.), Dawson, Brady (Carson thinks he has the best smile.), and Carson.  They are all good friends.

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