Saturday, April 20, 2013

more sewing

I made this blanket and burp cloth for a friend from church.  I'm having so much fun with my machine.  
The same day I finished the gift I embroidered this little seahorse on a onesie.  Near the end when it was almost finished my needle broke and it put holes in the onesie.  I was devastated.  There's no way I could have prevented the needle from breaking. 
I'm tired of sewing on the kitchen table.  Even though this blanket was simple it took me many days to finish.  I was tired of putting my machine away and getting it out again.  I've been looking for a sewing table.  I was shocked at how expensive they were.  

I found this cute table online.  I love it!  But, I shouldn't spend a lot.  So instead I found a 6'x30" table on craigslist.  It's very sturdy, simple, and only $40.  I still need some storage but one thing at a time.

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