Sunday, April 21, 2013

almost middle schooler

 A few weeks ago the middle school Mason will be attending had a couple nights the kids could come and test instruments to see what they would like to play.  For over a year Mason has said we wanted to play percussion.  To play percussion he needed to have played the piano.  We started piano lessons.  Most times he has enjoyed lessons.  He does have a talent for the piano that's for sure. 

Then came the night to try out instruments.  The first instrument he tried was the saxophone.  He wasn't too impressed.  Then the french horn.   He was surprised how much he liked it.  He then tried percussion. His smile wasn't nearly as big, but the instructor told him if he wanted to play percussion there would be a spot for him.  The last instrument was the trombone.  A little more challenging plus he didn't like the mouthpiece.  He went and tried the french horn again.  The instructor showed him how to change the pitch.  Then Mason was asked to try and copy the pitch just be listening to what he played.  He was impressed on his control. 
Once he made his decision Mason couldn't 't stop grinning.  He's going to play the french horn!!  For the next few days Mason couldn't stop thinking about it.  He truly surprised us all by his choice.  Now Mason wants to stop piano lessons.  :(

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